Murtagh gets worse with every episode of the series


Outlander’s Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) was largely kept to himself in the first half of Season 1, but gradually became increasingly crucial to the narrative as he helped Claire save Jamie from Wentworth Prison.

He remained Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) trusted aide during season 2 and fought alongside him at the Battle of Culloden. However, even though Murtagh is one of the best characters in Outlander, his arc became erratic after a while.

Risking the lives of the Frasers

Seeing how Jamie was beginning to adjust to a life of satisfaction with his family with acres of land to his name, he seemed quite inconsiderate of Murtagh putting the Frasers at risk by being around them.

After all, seeing Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Dunca Lacroix) in Outlander with a convicted outlaw would have made Jamie (Sam Heughan) a traitor in the governor’s eyes.

His behavior with Lord Gray

When Murtagh met Lord Gray (David Berry) later on Outlander’s Fraser’s Ridge, his behavior towards him was far from polite despite disagreeing with the leader of the regulators.

His strange return

When the writers decided to bring him back after the Battle of Culloden, his story went a bit crazy. He seemed to have become more self-centered somehow, not always caring how his actions would have repercussions on others in Outlander.


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