Mundo Slots: The Universe of Experiences That Has Revolutionized Social Casino Games


Mundo Slots: Social Games Online is the creator of Mundo Slots, a game characterized by a powerful audiovisual factor that places the user at the center of the experience.A universe of experiences with an impressive audiovisual component that has come to revolutionize social casino games. These are the ingredients that make up Mundo Slots, the free game designed by the company Social Games Online, and which includes an icon as popular as that of the slot machines in the bars of our country. Its design and mechanics are born from the bet on the gamification of the social casino and the direct fun of the player, discarding the objective of making money.

Mundo Slots is a galaxy of worlds, each one based on a characteristic slot of the company –La Perla del Caribe Deluxe, La Granja, Vikingos or El Tesoro de Java– in which the user will find attractive challenges and missions with which go forward and discover new experiences. And, thanks to a very successful setting, each world is able to offer its own theme.

The user at the center of the game

Mundo Slots and the rest of the Social Games Online games combine fun with a gamification system for missions and competitions between users. Not everything is random here: although luck is an important factor in each roll, so is the ability and strategic vision of the player when managing his resources and pursuing those missions that suit him best. And who says that Mundo Slots is a success? They are its own users, since they have placed it at number 1 in Top Grossing (for several days) in the category of Social Casino in Spain, according to Sensor Tower. And its evaluation is 4.4 according to the reviews of the stores in which it is available (iOS through the App Store and for Android devices through Google Play).

Social Games, a firm commitment to innovation

Social Games Online is a laboratory of experiences, made up of a young, creative and innovative team, whose greatest exponent is Mundo Slots. The firm was born in 2015 with the intention of revolutionizing the social casino games market and, taking inspiration from traditional slot games, the creative team develops its activity around three basic pillars: direct fun from innovative bets ; the vision necessary to offer the most complete and advanced gaming experiences; and the values ​​that bring innovation and creativity applied to their mobile apps. And it is that the main value of the company can be summarized with the following quote: “We create the best games because we love to play.”

The human team as a differential factor

The main value of Social Games Online is its human team, made up of people with a creative, entrepreneurial and innovative vision, with a clear vocation: teamwork. The coordination between its members becomes one of the great strengths of the success of Social Games Online, who develop their activity based on the agile methodology in SCRUM and, at a more global level, through a model known as Objectives and Key Results, inspired by Silicon Valley tech giants or Google itself. All this allows Social Games Online that its creatives participate equally in all development, management, strategy and project execution decisions.

On the horizon of Social Games Online is to continue growing and incorporating talent into teams to continue offering unique experiences to users, as it has been doing since 2015. Do you dare to be part of a project based on creativity, innovation? and fun? Discover much more about Social Games Online.


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