Multiversus Trademarks Big Changes Bugs Bunny Maze


Player First Games and Warner Bros have achieved huge success thanks to the controversial Multiversus game. Season 1 started recently, and even after an active beta testing period, the free Multiversus game has passed another important milestone, surpassing the mark of 20 million players. Thanks to constant updates and communication with the development studio, it seems that Multiversus has a bright future ahead, and many more content will appear in the coming weeks and months.

For a brawl in the same vein as Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, additions to the roster are of great importance to many in the community. Thanks to the huge number of franchises and IP addresses that Warner Bros has, the Multiverse list continues to expand with all kinds of characters and creatures from LeBron James from Space Jam, the recently added Morty, and even future characters such as Black Adam and Striped Gremlin. However, a recent trademark created by Warner Bros games seems to confirm that even memes take place inside Multiversus.

Warner Bros, spotted by Andrew Marmo, has filed a trademark registration request with the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office for the character known as Big Chungus. Originally registered on August 26, the trademark allowed Warner Bros to use the image and name of Big Chungus in a video game. Although the name Multiversus is not specifically mentioned, the character himself seems natural for a game that already has a lot of callbacks, references and nostalgic content.

Big Chungus is a new Bugs Bunny meme that originally became incredibly popular in 2018 and portrays the iconic rabbit in a much heavier version. In fact, this trademark is not the first time Warner Bros has paid attention to the big rabbit, since it was previously added to a mobile game called Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem. However, this trademark does not guarantee that the Big Chungus will become a playable character in Multiversus, but it can be added as a premium skin for Bugs or possibly used for other purposes, such as bell animation.

The characters remain in the spotlight of the community, many of whom share their ideas with MultiVersus game director Tony Huhne via social media. Fans have requested all sorts of characters from the huge Warner Bros catalog, such as Scorpio from Mortal Kombat, Walter White from Breaking Bad and even Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings. Some fans even went even further by developing a complete set of characters, like one person who took the character of Saul Goodman and developed a complete set of movements for him, as if he had been added to a Multiverse.

MultiVersus is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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