MultiVersus Releases Gizmo Gameplay Trailer


The online fighting game MultiVersus from Player First Games has just released a gameplay trailer for Gizmo. Gizmo was teased as a MultiVersus character in the first season even before the open beta, and now players can get an idea of how the new support character will play before entering into fights for him.

Gizmo has been added to Multiverse so Gremlins fans can unlock it, and the gameplay trailer that accompanies the character highlights some of the reasons why gamers will want to unlock the little furry lump. Since MultiVersus is a real—time service, it is regularly improved with content updates, and Gizmo is the latest addition after a short delay. Unlocking Gizmo will cost MultiVersus players 2,000 gold.

The MultiVersus Gizmo gameplay trailer begins with the support character driving into Scooby’s haunted mansion in a pink Barbie sports car from Gremlins, and then jumping out to prepare for battle. The trailer then shows Gizmo beating up popular MultiVersus characters like Bugs Bunny, Finn Man, Garnet, Superman, Velma, Taz and others on multiple maps. Some of the iconic abilities that Gremlins fans may notice in the gameplay trailer are the attack, in which Gizmo crashes into an opponent in his little pink car, in another little mogwai uses a tiny bow to fire a powerful projectile, and another uses an umbrella to dive into other characters before Gizmo descends back down to the platform.

Gizmo may have a technique similar to singing Super Smash Bros. Jigglypuff in Multiverse. Unlike the defensive ability in Super Smash Bros., singing can be used as an attacking ability in Multiverse. Gizmo sings as beautifully as in the movie “Gremlins”, and the songs seem to create a cloud that can be blown towards opponents, which is shown in the gameplay trailer when the character defeats an enemy Grenade by shooting at them like a projectile.

Although Gizmo has already been added to the first season of MultiVersus, Gremlins fans are still waiting for the appearance of his nemesis Streak, mogwai, who spoiled and led to the downfall of many people in the classic 1984 film. One MultiVersus player, commenting on the trailer, said that they never expected to see a fighting game with Gizmo until the gameplay was revealed, while others noted the set of movements of the Gremlins character.

MultiVersus is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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