MultiVersus: Reindog Character Guide (Best Skills and Strategies)


Rheindog, a cute blue-green hybrid of a reindeer and a dog, is a new character developed for the platformer fighting game MultiVersus. This action movie is similar to others in that it contains characters from various fandoms of its parent company Warner Bros. Unlike other fighting games like Nickelodeon’s All-Star Brawl or Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo, MultiVersus is free. play in.

Players can unlock Reindog in three main ways: by spending 3,000 gold, using 700 MultiVersus Gleamium, or a character ticket. Gold can be earned by playing the game, completing missions and completing tasks. Gleamium is a premium currency that can currently only be bought with real money. Character tickets are distributed in Founder Kits, add-ons that players can buy from the relevant online stores to complement the game.

Reindog is best played as a support character, and he works best when playing with other teammates in a match. If players want to play for the Raindog in 1-on-1 matches, the character has some decent attacking techniques. One of the features of the game that takes players back to the past is the local Multiverse multiplayer mode, in which players can sit together and participate in the good old local joint matches on the same screen.

The best strategies and benefits of Reindog for MultiVersus

As a support character, the best techniques and strategies of the Reindog include a combination of offensive attacks, partner assistance techniques and debuffs. Here are the best tricks and perks of the Raindog:

Reception: Leash of love, neutral + special — this reception sends the heart of the Rheindog to the battlefield, but tied to its owner. If the enemies get into a leash, they will take damage. Allies who are also connected extend the duration of the Love Leash. Movement: Power Crystal, up + special on the ground — this will trigger the crystal over the Raindog. Charging the crystal will increase its height. The crystal will shoot lightning at enemies, putting an electric debuff on them. MultiVersus’ closest allies will receive an electric melee buff that deals electrical damage. Movement: Flying Floor, up + special in the air — Reindog will roll on the ground. Allies can pick up a Rheindog and throw it, dealing huge damage. Movement: Fireball, down + special, on the ground — The Raindog charges and launches a fireball along the arc of the projectile, which can cause fire damage to enemies. Allied projectiles that pass through the abandoned firewall also deal fire damage. Technique: Tail swinging, down + Attack is a simple melee technique, but it can be a powerful attack compared to many support techniques. Perk: Crystal Buddy — The Crystal of Power will follow the Rindog when he descends. Special Bonus: Fire Fluff — Raindog’s fireball will create a bigger firewall when hit.


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