MultiVersus Leak Tolkien’s Alleged Estate Is Behind Gandalf’s Removal


The estate of legendary “Lord of the Rings” author J.R.R. Tolkien could be responsible for the fact that MultiVersus apparently removed the reference to the great wizard Gandalf as a possible playable character. Earlier this year, Warner Bros. Games has announced its own approach to the 2D action platformer genre, which has become popular thanks to games such as Super Smash Bros. Cartoon Network and other objects owned by Warner.

Despite the mostly colorful cartoon aesthetic and the presence of family characters like Shaggy and Jake the Dog from “Adventure Time,” MultiVersus doesn’t shy away from the darker and more mature Warner franchises—as illustrated by the example of Arya Stark from “Game of Thrones.” the current composition of the game. The MultiVersus game data even included audio files related to future additions, such as the Elves from “Very Strange Things” and Gandalf from “The Lord of the Rings”, but a recent analysis of the data showed that these lines were removed from the current beta version of MultiVersus.

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According to The Gamer, there may be a legal reason why these links to Gandalf were removed from MultiVersus. A Reddit user and gaming news source, hugeleaker, initially revealed the existence of MultiVersus, and was recently asked about Gandalf’s removal in a post by SodiumChloride1721 on r/MultiVersusTheGame. When ChosenYasuo stated that they might lose interest in MultiVersus if Gandalf wasn’t included in the game’s list, gigantliker actually just stated that the prospect didn’t look good and hinted that the Tolkien Estate had decided to remove him from the game. It is worth noting that this has not been confirmed by an official source, and in fact a huge leak in the past was wrong about MultiVersus — for example, incorrectly predicted that it was being developed by Mortal Kombat studio and Injustice NetherRealm.

Gandalf may not be in MultiVersus due to Copyright issues

Gandalf may not appear in Multiverse, but there will still be many well-known characters from Warner Bros.’ extensive intellectual property library, and Multiverse’s Founding Pack will add at least 19 additional characters to the game’s roster after it’s free to play. soft launch last month. Some of these new MultiVersus characters have already been confirmed: NBA superstar and Space Jam: A New Legacy leader LeBron James was added during the launch of the MultiVersus beta a few weeks ago, and the Rick and Morty duo is to be introduced into the game as part of the DLC of the first season.

If the huge leaks are actually right in their claims that J.R.R. Tolkien’s Estate ordered Gandalf removed from Multiverse due to copyright issues, it’s unclear for what reason. After all, in the past, Gandalf has appeared several times in video games based on The Lord of the Rings and other media without much legal trouble, which makes some wonder if his removal from Multiverse was due to some kind of dispute over royalties between the estate and Warner. Brothers. Whether it’s just a matter of the estate wanting more money for Gandalf’s supposed appearance in MultiVersus, or something deeper, it doesn’t look like players will be able to fight as the legendary wizard of Middle-Earth in MultiVersus anytime soon.


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