MultiVersus: How to unlock more characters


Warner Bros and Player FIrst Games are only a few months away from the well-established alpha test of their Multiversus action movie. During this time, players who have been granted access have been able to experience much of what the game has to offer, including a roster full of characters from various Warner Bros franchises ranging from Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, DC Comics and others. The closed alpha version also showcased cosmetic and customization options earned for in-game currency, as well as a combat pass that matches most free games.

Starting on July 19, early access to the planned open beta version of Multiversus begins, which gives invited players, as well as those who choose Founders Pack, a chance to try out the latest build before everyone else on July 26. First Games is using this open beta session as a soft launch of Multiversus, as the studio has no plans to change much of its core gameplay mechanics ahead of a full launch later this year.

This means that those who join the game will have the opportunity to get acquainted with what the final product will offer, including its microtransaction elements and combat pass mechanics. As expected, players can unlock a lot by playing and paying, and some of them include playable characters.

Unlock new characters

In the open beta version of Multiversus, the game list is only 16 people, including the most recent disclosure of the colossal Iron Giant character. However, when the open beta is launched, 11 of the 16 characters will need to be unlocked by spending 2,000 gold coins each. The game list includes:

Shaggy (Scooby-Doo) Jake (Adventure Time) Tez (Looney Tunes) Harley Quinn (DC Comics) Wonder Woman (DC Comics) — can be unlocked after completing the training.

Fortunately, unlocking the rest of these characters is quite simple, and it can be done from the Collection menu when enough currency is earned. There are several different ways to unlock them, some require a little more effort than others, especially for Multiversus players who don’t want to spend real money.

Earning currency to unlock characters

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to unlock new characters: either with gold or with a premium game currency known as Gleamium. For those who have decided to purchase Gleamium, characters can be unlocked for 700 premium currency, which is somewhere between 5 and 10 dollars.

In addition, players can choose one of the Founders Pack versions, which offers instant access to the Multiversus beta along with various unlocks. The standard version retails for $40 and comes with 15 character unlock tokens, which are more than enough to unlock the current blocked list, 300 Gleamium and 1 exclusive rare Banner cosmetic. The Deluxe version costs $60 and includes 20 Character unlock tokens, 1000 Gleamium, 1 Premium Battle Pass unlock, as well as epic-level cosmetics.

Finally, for those who want to throw away a lot of coins, the Premium Package has 30 unlockable character tokens, 2500 Gleamium, 1 unique nameplate, 3 Premium Battle Pass unlocks, everything that was in previous Founder packs, as well as legendary banners and a ring. Output effects.

However, players don’t need to buy anything to unlock characters. Just by playing Multiversus, players get gold — an in-game resource that can be used to unlock new content in the in-game store. Coins can be earned in various ways, including participating in matches, increasing the level of combat pass/profile/characters, as well as completing daily and weekly tasks.

MultiVersus is expected to be released in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.