MultiVersus Fan modifies the game to add a link from Super Smash Bros.


The open beta version of the MultiVersus fighting game, similar to Super Smash Bros., is now in early access, available to anyone who is willing to spend 60 minutes getting a Twitch Drop. The full open beta, providing full access to the free game, will begin on July 26. Not only do players dive into Multiverse, discover their main roles and discover new characters, but modders also dive into the water. , too. In one example, the MultiVersus modder even added a Super Smash Bros. character skin to the game.

Modder and YouTube content creator Junior recently shared a video on Twitter showing his work at MultiVersus. This mod, one of the first of its kind, adds a Super Smash Bros. link. in MultiVersus. This is not a gameplay mod, of course. He simply applies The Legend of Zelda Link model instead of one of the MultiVersus fighters. In this case, Junior decided to replace Wonder Woman with Link, perhaps because she is the only freely unlockable character in the game.

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In this case, Wonder Woman is the best choice to replace Link. In the game, she wields both a sword and a shield, just what Link needs. Super Smash Bros. Players They will also appreciate Wonder Woman’s downward attack, which looks almost identical to Link’s traditional attack. Of course, there are some strange moves that don’t intersect particularly perfectly. Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth whip is not a traditional weapon of The Legend of Zelda. Also, Wonder Woman can fly horizontally and beat her opponent, which Link looks a little weird.

Despite this, Junior’s work on transforming The Legend of Zelda model into a Multiverse deserves recognition as very impressive. Most likely, they didn’t have to change any character animation, but Link seems to have been transformed into a Wonder Woman model very smoothly.

It’s important to note that since MultiVersus is an online multiplayer game, mods may or may not be completely banned by Warner Bros. Games. Junior explains that at the moment the Link mod works fine on the web, since it only changes the perspective of the player using it. It doesn’t change online content. However, modders should be careful as this may change in the future.

Fans of Super Smash Bros. are probably already imagining all sorts of mods that could transfer their favorite characters to Multiverse. Mario can replace Shaggy, Pikachu can replace Raindog, and Young Link can replace Finn, just for some basic ideas. It shouldn’t just be Super Smash Bros. characters. Modders will certainly experiment with some more creative options in the future.

The open beta version of MultiVersus is released on July 26 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and is already available in early access.


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