MultiVersus confirms that a new useful feature will appear in the lab in a future update


Despite the fact that the new Multiverse character fighting game is now available to all players for free, the developer of Player First Games still considers this stage of the game to be open beta testing. Despite the fact that Director Tony Huhne confirmed that the open beta version will be considered a software launch of Multiversus, the game continues to receive updates with fixes, improvements, as well as additional game characters. In fact, some of the game modes even remain in development, for example, the possible addition of an in-game store.

However, the game continues to get closer to the upcoming first season, so most likely a lot will change. However, feedback remains an important component of this process, as developers like Huynh respond to fans directly through social media such as Twitter. Aside from hinting at potential characters or confirming new updates that address fan complaints, such as the volume of the MultiVersus announcer, Twitter may be the best way to constructively improve the overall experience, as one user found out.

Unable to respond directly to everyone, Tony Huhne has been incredibly active on Twitter, revealing many plans for MultiVersus. One user named Queso directly asked Huynh if the Player First Games team was planning to flesh out the game’s lab experience, potentially adding additional settings such as the “Show Hitboxes” option. Hitboxes represent the parts of a character by which he can be hit by an attack. Understanding the distance and where an attack has the best chance of hitting are key aspects of any fighting game.

We are getting a visualization of Hitbox in a future patch for the Lab! from MultiVersusTheGame

Fortunately, Huyin agreed with Queso on this update and confirmed that the MultiVersus team will solve this problem at some point in the future. However, before this can happen, Huin said that the studio is still working on a hitbox system that needs to be finalized first before the next option appears. Unfortunately, the schedule was not specified, and given the number of updates and content approaching the game, it may take some time before something like this is implemented in full.

While MultiVersus revealed that Rick and Morty will appear on the game list starting in August, data miners continue to dig through the game files in search of even more potential disclosures. In addition to new character lines for Scooby-Doo and Marvin the Martian, the new leak also revealed new premium cosmetics for various characters such as Harley Quinn, Jake the Dog and others. In fact, Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny and Taz seem to get their Space Jam outfits, and the newly added LeBron James gets a Robin-inspired costume.

MultiVersus is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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