MultiVersus Characters to strengthen


With the debut of the open beta version of MultiVersus and the continued rapid rise in popularity of the Warner Bros fighting game, fans are struggling to find their favorite and most effective characters. Fortunately, MultiVersus is a rare example of fighting games that are well balanced in the early stages. As with any other title, there are outstanding characters who appear more often than others, but for the most part, almost every character in Multiverse is viable in an online game.

On the other hand, characters who have been perceived as being lower down on the MultiVersus beta list suffer from a dismal selection rate and are in desperate need of changes, even if they are minor. In the current state of the game, despite the relative balance achieved by MultiVersus, the online consensus has led players to a handful of powerful characters and distanced them from more complex decisions.

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is a typical tank character in MultiVersus. It’s big and bulky, but it’s incredibly slow. The Iron Giant is, of course, absurdly large compared to its competitors, making it the biggest target for damage in the game. Ironically, in online team battles, the Iron Giant can be a great choice to distract and absorb damage for a more attacking character like Bugs Bunny or Finn, but the Iron Giant itself is one of the most difficult characters. use.

Unfortunately, the Iron Giant also represents one of the most difficult fixes in Multiverse, as its flaws are mainly related to the size of its character model. Since MultiVersus is unlikely to significantly reduce the Iron Giant, its buffs will have to include changes to its set. To combat his easily-hit character, MultiVersus may have to get creative and offer the Iron Giant even more defensive capabilities or zoning potential, or developers may just have to wait until stronger characters like Bugs Bunny are weakened to see where the Iron Giant lands.

Stephen’s Universe

The support class in Multiverse is quite small and consists only of Reindog, Velma and Steven Universe; however, to make matters worse, of these three characters, only Velma has a relatively high level of choice. While players may occasionally see Reindog and Velma quite often, Steven’s universe is virtually absent from online matches due to his disappointing abilities. His shield ability is weak and takes time to recharge, his base attacks have fancy animations and range, and his special abilities are lackluster compared to the other characters on the list. With all this, Steven Universe can still be useful in team battles, but it’s hard to argue with other characters, especially Velma.

Since every map in Multiverse has so far been quite small and easily traversable by all the characters, the special abilities of Steven Universe that leave behind walls and platforms seem pretty unnecessary at the moment. For example, an additional platform is almost never required to destroy beyond the top edge of the map, nor does it make it possible to stay out of reach of enemies with higher damage levels.

The good news for Stephen’s Universe players is that compared to the Iron Giant, Stephen’s Universe is a simpler solution. His shield offers several ways to improve it: more charges, faster recharge, or even a larger radius and greater durability. Despite this, his shield, which should be the main element of his kit, currently needs serious reinforcement to keep him in competition with other supports.

MultiVersus is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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