MultiVersus: a guide to mastering the grenade


It looks like every MultiVersus character on the list, including newcomer Morty, gets a ton of content created about them, be it manuals, combo videos, or even perk tweaks. But there are a few characters who don’t get the recognition they deserve, and Garnet is one of them.

Crystal pearl in the style of “two children in a raincoat” is one of the favorite characters of the Stephen Universe by fans, besides she is also a fantastic fighter. So, to help a novice Garnet network or people who are just struggling with the game in general, let’s look at what exactly MultiVersus players need to know in order to master it.

What type of Grenade fighter?

First of all, players need to understand Garnet as a character before they can take the first step towards “mastering” her, so let’s delve into that. According to the idea, Garnet is a character of the “Buizer” class, which perfectly deals horizontal damage. But in practice, Garnet is much more like a tank character, which has many horizontal and vertical options. Simply put, it is simple and predictable, but it is very difficult to deal with.

Frankly, Garnet is different from most other thugs. So far, the Bruiser class has apparently been used to describe characters with a variety of robust conventional attacks that allow for an aggressive style of play and simple combos. And they are constantly in the thick of the battle, dealing damage.

But Garnet is much more like a “let them come and then react” type character, which is more typical of the tank class, as she lures enemies to hit her while she charges an armored attack. If readers think this style of play seems familiar to characters like Superman, that’s because it is. While Garnet can chase opponents and play as a standard Goon, she has more success when the enemy approaches her.

Pros and cons of the grenade

However, if Garnet is comparable to Superman, why doesn’t she play more, especially in a competitive sense? This is because, although the “general” style of playing Grenades has some similarities with Superman, these two characters are still incredibly different. So let’s look at the main reasons why Garnet should be played for more than her compared to the rest of the squad, and then talk about the reasons why the players decided that she wasn’t worth their time:

Why you need to play Garnet more

She doesn’t have many simple combos, but her Crystal Combo is essentially three in one, and she has fantastic “responses” to enemy attacks. Garnet is the third heaviest character in the game after the Iron Giant and Superman. This allows her to chase enemies in the air while still feeling safe, and also allows her to use perks like “Last Stand” and actively use them. She has many armored attacks, and even one attack has armor, but is “said” to have it (her shocking punch). There are many technical tools in Garnet’s kit, such as a Spark of Love, a Gem Jerk or a Jet Fist, which give her more opportunities than a standard Bully. Her Crystal Combo is difficult to react to thanks to the Armored Strike, and also has a quick Uppercut variation and a Descending multi-punch to confuse opponents when they are used to the Armored Strike. Her total damage and drop is great, especially if she manages to charge the attack.

Of course, there are many more reasons why Garnet is a strong fighter (most of the actors, that’s why the game is so fun), but these are the most obvious ones. So, with all this, why are there fewer Pomegranates in an online game? Well, that’s because the community has decided that its cons outweigh the benefits.

Why aren’t they playing Garnet now

Now, hopefully, many of these flaws will be fixed in a future update, as Tony Huynh, director of MultiVersus, has stated that there will be enhancements for it. But at the moment these are the main reasons why Grenades are rarely seen:

Garnet struggles to recover both vertically and horizontally, especially if her Gem Dash doesn’t work. And even when she is trying to recover, if the opponent chases her off the ledge, it is difficult for her to prevent them from confirming the Ringout. Aside from her neutral Starburst attack, the aerial grenade play is quite weak, and most of the MultiVersus combat takes place in the air. Her flying combo has a small hitbox, and a second hit doesn’t come out if she is too close to the ground, and her meteor strike, although powerful, also has a tight hitbox, for which it can be difficult to choose a position. At the moment, many players playing for Garnet in the network rely too much on her Crystal Combo, and in general this made a negative impression on the character, as players began to assume that Garnet would play this way by default.


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