Multiversus: 10 of the coolest skin options and their origin


MultiVersus burst into the gaming world as a crossover action movie featuring characters from multiple Warner Bros. universes. Discovery. Finally, players can find out if Shaggy’s strength level matches the Man of Steel, and whether Wonder Woman will be a more valuable assistant for Tune Squad than Taz, Bugs Bunny or LeBron James. The free model gives gamers full access to the game and gives them the opportunity to buy or unlock add-ons such as characters, banners, emotions and their variants.

With a history as long as Warner Bros has, there are almost endless possibilities for characters and skins. Players’ thoughts can go crazy when they consider options for long-running brands such as DC Comics, Looney Tunes and Cartoon Network. Even with the launch of the first season, Multiverse has included some cool and interesting options for its current cast of characters.

10 President Morty

Fans of Rick and Morty were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Morty, the first character added to the list since the game’s debut. Although the players had known about his impending arrival for a long time, they didn’t know that there would be a President Morty option.

President Morty is an evil version of Morty, taken from the seventh episode of the third season of the series called “The Confusion of Ricklantis”. There are countless Ricks and Morties in the Citadel, but President Morty may be the most insidious and powerful of them all.

9 I’m a fucking Robin

The inclusion of LeBron James in Multiverse pleased fans of the NBA and Tune Squad. His unique features and attacks make him a force to be reckoned with. His standard Tune Squad uniform skin is a great choice when he works in partnership with Bugs or Taz, but LeBron has an option that helps him blend in with another group of fighters.

LeBron’s miracle suit is a reference to a certain scene in “Space Jam” when he and Bugs go to Metropolis, recruiting members for their basketball team. Initially excited about who he will turn into, LeBron is not thrilled when it turns out that this is Cape Crusader’s partner.

8 Jake The Star Child

The favorite magical dog of every “Adventure Time” fan, Jake, has become a great addition to the MultiVersus list. To match his classic yellow appearance, it is possible to use his version of “Jake the Star Child”.

This five-eyed creature with blue skin may seem like a completely different character, but in fact it is a version of Jake that arose as a result of the events of the storyline of the ninth season of the series. Eventually, he returns to his usual yellow form in season 10, but Jake the Star Child was born.

7 pedigrees

Wonder Woman should be one of the most popular characters in Multiverse, as she can be unlocked simply by completing in-game training. The DC Comics Matriarch has a rich history thanks to her appearances in comics, movies and on television, which gives developers plenty of choices when creating her variants.

Her skin “Bloodline” is taken from the animated film “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines” in 2019. Originally released digitally, the film focuses on how Diana fights a lot of enemies, and at the same time she looks completely new.

6. Pirates Tom and Jerry

Created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joesf Barbera, Tom and Jerry are two of the most famous cartoon characters of all time. MultiVersus forces the rivals to work together as one, which gives them a fighting style different from any other character at launch.

While Tom and Jerry’s fun led to the appearance of many funny costumes, the developers hit the nail on the head by including their pirate version. The appearance is taken from the 2006 video “Tom and Jerry: Shiver, My Mustache”, which served as the pilot episode of the TV series “Tom and Jerry Stories”. A classic look for two classic characters.

5 Batman Animated Series

The greatest detective in the world excited the public long before Robert Patterson put on the hood. Introduced back in 1939, the Gotham hero has donned many bat costumes over the years. For its first version, MultiVersus chose a fan favorite.

Many consider Batman: The Animated Series to be one of the greatest animated TV shows of all time. The show introduced the Dark Knight to a whole new audience and helped spawn additional shows, creating a shared DC animated universe. This version pays homage to the show’s signature style.

4 Uncle Shagworthy

40% of the Mystery Inc. team landed in Multiverse, and Shaggy and Velma are ready to solve the mystery of the best fighter in the game. While Scooby-Doo fans will surely recognize the amazing version of Shaggy, others may think they just dressed him in a robe.


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