Multiverses: Explaining the story of Armati and President Morty


Morty Smith has finally joined the MultiVersus roster, just over a week after the launch of the first season. It is assumed that Rick Sanchez will appear in Multiverse sometime in late September, but all fans know for sure that Rick is confirmed to be released sometime in Season 1.

Morty is one of the first new fighters introduced to Multiverse since the beta launch, and is classified as a Bully, along with the likes of Shaggy, Batman and LeBron James. Currently, the new character is worth 3,000 gold or 700 glomium and is marked “Expert”. Some of the cosmetics and abilities that came with the long-awaited appearance of Morty Smith may interest fans in the knowledge underlying certain design options, especially the politician’s charismatic skin and the giant muscular arm that bursts out of his shoulder from time to time.

President Morty’s sordid past

President Morty’s skin can currently be exchanged for 500 Gleamium, but some players may wonder why there is a version of a fifteen-year-old boy with a black classic shirt and a red tie. Fans of the animated show “Rick and Morty” are probably already familiar with the character design and know him as President Morty, whom some also call Evil Morty.

Evil Morty first appears in the first season, in the 10th episode, called “Rick-type Rick Counters”, but he can also be seen in the 3rd season, in the 7th episode, and in the 5th season, in the 10th episode called “Rickmurai Jack”. The popular Adult Swim show repeats over and over again that there are an infinite number of versions of people, including versions of Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez, scattered throughout the multiverse. It is assumed that Morty’s version of President Morty is one of Rick’s old comrades from another dimension. He was tired of being constantly insulted and controlled by the Ricks, which made him both cunning and ruthless.

However, “Angry Morty” almost always makes the list of the best episodes of “Rick and Morty”. In the first season finale, this Morty was seen managing Rick in a plot twist that began as the closest thing to the main antagonist in the series. Throughout each season, Evil Morty usually appears in at least one episode, with the exception of the second season.

However, President Morty’s outfit is taken directly from the episode “The Confusion of Ricklantis” of season 3. In this episode, the character runs for a post in the Citadel of Rix, posing as a charismatic and caring candidate. It was here that he won the people’s vote and earned himself a new title, which in season 5 allowed him to have enough power over the Citadel to escape from the part of the universe that Rick could control.

The origins of Armoti

While studying Morty’s best techniques for MultiVersus, many players may have noticed that a large, muscular arm replaces one of his usually skinny arms. This happens when the “Normal Air Down” button is pressed, which triggers the “Armoti Attack”, which acts similarly to Bugs Bunny’s spike movement, but with a longer completion.

Armoti comes from the 2nd episode of the 3rd season, dubbed “Rickmansing stone”. The hand used to belong to a woodcutter from a small post-apocalyptic village, but was taken away from the owner after the looting of the village. Rick combines Armoti with Morty’s body along with his muscle memory, but he still has independent thinking. Morty uses Armoti to fight in the Thunder Dome, a gladiatorial arena, and in turn, he helped Armoti take revenge on the man who killed his family. After the job is done, Armoti disappears, and no one sees him anymore.

MultiVersus is really limited only by its imagination in terms of maps and list. What Warner Bros. Interactive can do with five, and soon six seasons of Rick and Morty content, is an exciting prospect, especially since a Reddit leak has already suggested that Pickle Rick is on the way. Perhaps in future updates there will be Morty’s Lawyer, Morty in a mechanical suit, Tiny Rick or other versions of the duo.

MultiVersus is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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