Multiverse: The Case of Joining Raven from Teen Titans


The open beta version of MultiVersus is currently available for compatible consoles and continues to enjoy success in the gaming world. Since the end of the closed beta, MultiVersus has already registered more than 10 million different accounts on its servers, which is an incredible milestone since it has not yet been officially released.

At the moment, MultiVersus is well known for its diverse cast of characters, which includes characters like Shaggy, LeBron James and Arya Stark, in addition to how easily accessible the game is. Since DC Comics characters are also owned by Warner Bros., there are rumors among MultiVersus fans that Teen Titans will be added to the game, and, in particular, Raven has a chance to join the battle.

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MultiVersus Datamine Leaks Raven

Those who hope that a superhero will be added can fulfill their wish, as the MultiVersus datamine showed Raven’s replicas. Several other DC characters that have also been leaked include Static Shock, Black Adam, and Poison Ivy.

In one of the undisclosed lines , Raven jokes: “Okay, Elle, let’s crush him like a soda can,” where she seems to be referring to another undeclared character, possibly Eleven from the popular Netflix series “Very Strange Things.” However, it is unknown if these characters will appear in the near future, as Warner Bros. Interactive recently announced that the first season of MultiVersus is being postponed to an unknown date, as is the release of Rick and Morty. This means that the theoretical Raven release window remains a mystery.

Raven is perfect for MultiVersus

Raven is widely known as a member of the Young Titans, possessing magical abilities. In most environments, she can use magic to teleport, create force fields, use telekinesis, and manifest her Soul. What exactly she will be able to do in the fighting game is still unknown, but it is likely that the developers will not deviate far from the canonical skill set of her character. After all, Raven has a line in which she states: “I heard you didn’t like magic. I hope you don’t mind everything I do.”

MultiVersus can be an ideal environment for her abilities, since the game already has characters who can perform similar actions. For example, Bugs Bunny can use the teleportation ability to move herself and her allies around the stage, while her protective force field can behave similarly to Wonder Woman’s shield, ensuring the safety of allies.

Raven’s telekinesis could also wreak havoc on the Multiverse battlefield by moving enemies from a distance. Thanks to this, Raven will most likely be classified as a Mage character./Arrow accompanying Bugs Bunny and the duo of Tom and Jerry. This would be true for Raven’s fighting style in the comics, as she always did her best using magic from afar.

It would be an understatement to say that the Young Titans should have appeared in a recent game a long time ago, but with the information about Raven leaked, there is hope that the rest of the team will follow their example. Robin may fall under the “Multiverse” category as Batman, while Starfire is likely to be a Magician, as her star bolts give her a variety of long-range projectiles. Beast Boy would work great as a Bully, especially since his shape-shifting abilities could help him aggressively control the space on the map, and Cyborg has great potential as a Tank thanks to his armor.

Hopefully, at the end of EVO 2022, Warner Bros. Interactive will get more information about when MultiVersus will be ready for the first season. The developers have confirmed the ranked multiplayer mode and arcade mode, but little is known at the moment. For now, players can continue to test various characters and combos in open beta testing.

MultiVersus is now available in open beta for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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