Multiverse Surprise The character is revealed in the Season 1 Update


The first season of MultiVersus is almost here. Tomorrow, MultiVersus will release its biggest update. The update will include the first full Multiverse battle pass, followed later in the season by Morty and then Rick. But the developer of Player First Games has prepared some surprises for MultiVersus players as well.

MultiVersus game director Tony Huhne shared some news with players who are looking forward to the first season on Twitter this Sunday. He says that as part of the first season update, a new login screen will be shown on Monday. Players are probably familiar with the current MultiVersus loading screen, which depicts a cloud from which parts of each starting character stick out. Bugs Bunny’s ears, Wonder Woman’s shield, Shaggy’s hand and sandwich, and Jake the Dog’s flexible arm are just a few examples. This art was once used to tease the original MultiVersus line-up.

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Needless to say, the idea of a new loading screen should convey what a surprise awaits MultiVersus players. Hyun goes ahead anyway and confirms it. He says the new loading screen will offer “a glimpse of some future undeclared characters.” Presumably there will be a new cloud denoting a fight with protruding arms, legs and weapons of different characters, or perhaps Player First Games will go in a different but similar direction.

Another confirmation from Huynh is that the disclosure of these characters is planned not only to eventually launch in MultiVersus, but will also appear specifically during the 1st season of MultiVersus. This means that Player First plans to release not only Rick and Morty in season 1, but also several others. characters. It may be just two other characters, or it may be more. In any case, as many as four new characters, including Rick and Morty, should be very interesting for MultiVersus players.

Although Huyin has not confirmed any of the new characters, a tweet made earlier today may provide a clue. In an earlier Twitter post, Huhne asked MultiVersus players, “Who likes bows and arrows?” This may refer to Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, who went through the MultiVersus leaks. So fans shouldn’t be surprised to see onions on tomorrow’s new loading screen.

This is an exciting week for MultiVersus fans in many ways. The 1st season of MultiVersus starts on Monday, and the second patch starts on Wednesday. Morty will then arrive on August 23, expanding the Multiverse list with a character from another new series. Obviously, there is something to expect this season beyond what has already been announced.

MultiVersus is already available in open beta on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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