Multiverse: A Guide to Superman Characters (Top Tips and Strategies)


One of the unlockable characters in the MultiVersus combat platformer is a familiar face: Superman. Unlike his Justice League ally Wonder Woman, Superman cannot be unlocked by playing the game, and players can only get Kal-El by spending gold in the in-game store. Players need to earn gold by completing missions and challenges to get other unlockable characters like Superman or Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. However, players who want to dominate as a tank may want to acquire Superman, as he has several powerful techniques that make him a formidable opponent.

MultiVersus is a game that can be played in single player mode, with local multiplayer mode, network PvP, etc. There are many match styles and the same number of builds for each character. Players who want to create Superman as the main fighter should know which moves, attacks and abilities are best suited to create this Tank of steel.

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For 2000 gold, players can purchase Superman in the in-game store in MultiVersus. Superman works best as a tank, so when playing 2 on 2 or in a larger match, players must build it up to withstand blows and deal powerful damage.

Superman Strategies and Moves for MultiVersus

Being a tank, Superman MultiVersus works best when taking damage and helping teammates. He has some decent attacks, so players should use techniques that support his tanking efforts while dealing decent damage. Here are his best moves:

Ice breath, neutral + special — it blows an ice cloud across the ground and throws enemies back. This also gives an ice debuff; once this counter is full, they will be frozen for a short time. If an ally is hit by an Icy Breath, his next attack also turns icy. Locomotive attack, Side + Special on the ground is a jerk attack. Pressing the button will cause Superman to make a direct dash, but if players charge it, they will be able to move the grid on the screen indicating the direction of the dash. side flying tackle. The longer the players hold the button, the longer Superman will fly through the air. Unlike Locomotive Charge, players cannot control the direction, but if Superman comes into contact with an enemy, he will break his armor and pierce it. Meteor Takeoff, Up + Special on earth — this movement requires charging, but when charging it launches Superman. into the air. From there, he will beat the opponent from above. If the opponent is weak enough, this technique knocks him out, and the players get a Ring Out. Go Long, Up + Special in the air — Once in the air, players can perform a Go Long that grabs the nearest enemy and throws it. its in any direction in which the players push the joystick. Thermal Vision, Down + Special on Earth — Thermal Vision is Superman’s laser attack, a fire projectile that deals damage to everyone in its path.

Superman also has decent Perks or special abilities. Players can have four active abilities at the same time. There are two types of bonuses: branded bonuses that relate to the MultiVersus character, and universal bonuses that any character can use. Each character has two branded skills that open at levels 8 and 10. Superman’s signature bonuses are a Flaming Re—entry, which deals fire damage when landing after a jump attack, and a Sniper Strike, which extends his strike range, dealing increased damage and dropping as he moves away from the target.


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