Multiverse: A Guide to Batman Characters (Top Tips and Strategies)


In MultiVersus, Batman, the comic book hero in a cape protecting Gotham City, is a playable character. Batman, armed with a Batarang and a standard black Batsuit suit with a mask, is a fighter of the middle class of fighters. He has his own unique set of techniques and perks that can provide a variety of playing styles. The best feature of Batman is his movement options, which players can use to quickly control the arena. Players must also prepare for hand-to-hand combat with long-range throwing by playing as Batman as one of the playable characters in Multiverse.

Batman has both ground and air attacks that he can use during a fight. His first neutral attack is a Batarang, which allows Batman to attack and throw his Batarang at an opponent. When thrown, the batarang will return and shorten Batman’s recovery time when it returns. His side attack is a Bat Combo, which is a series of punches and uppercuts. Batman can perform the “Clear the Air” movement as his upward attack, which is a charged attack that lands in a swing over his head. Similarly, Bat-Slide is a charged movement and a downward attack that allows Batman to slide and attack his opponents with a forward kick.

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In addition, Batman has four special attacks. Its neutral feature is the Bat Bomb, which allows Batman to equip a Bat Bomb that attaches to an enemy when he gets hit and deals damage in Multiverse. As soon as the bomb explodes in a few seconds, it will throw the enemy into the air. His additional special is the Bat–Grapple, which allows Batman to use his hook gun to move around the arena or attack his opponents. In addition, the Ascending Bat is a special feature of Batman that charges an uppercut attack to deal damage and send it into the air. Finally, Batman’s special ability is the Smoke Bomb, and when Batman uses this technique, he will detonate the smoke bomb and give his allies the positive effect of invisibility and invulnerability, while slowing down enemies.

MultiVersus: Passive Ability and Batman Perks

In addition to ground and air attacks, Batman also has a unique passive ability. Ninja training will allow Batman will become invisible, and his attacks will cause increased damage to the enemy. In addition, Batman’s passive ability increases his movement speed. In addition, enemy characters in Multiverse using the invisibility move will still be fully visible to Batman and his allies. Finally, Batman will have the additional ability to dodge up and diagonally up from the ground thanks to his passive ability.

When playing Batman, players will want to choose the best abilities to benefit from their abilities. One of its best advantages is the Bouncerang, which allows Batman to deal extra damage when he successfully targets an enemy with the Batarang when it returns to him. This bonus opens at the 8th level. Alternatively, players can also opt for a “Precision Grip”, which allows Batman’s hook to emit a powerful explosion when Batman arrives at his destination. There is a downside to this perk, and Batman will deal less damage and drop when using the grapple. Players can unlock Precision Grapple at level 10. Batman can also use the same standard abilities as other fighters on the list in Multiverse.


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