Multilaser Launches Digitizing Tablets Aimed At Beginners


Multilaser: Expanding its line of office items, Multilaser recently launched two new digitizing tables from the Criativa line, which allow you to draw, edit images, make illustrations, sketches and annotations, in addition to being used as digital whiteboards. The models are focused on beginners in digital creation and also serve students and teachers, according to the brand.

To make work easier, the tables come with a smart pen with electromagnetic technology, eliminating the need for batteries and batteries, as well as quick function buttons and eight extra tips. Another highlight is the simplified installation of the equipment: just connect it to the computer and install the driver.

Creative Slim

Entry model, the Creative Slim digitizing table is the most suitable for students and teachers involved in online education, according to Multilaser. The product has an ultra-slim (7mm) design and weighs just 170 grams, featuring a 6-inch desktop and four customizable shortcut buttons, which can be configured for specific functions.

The table also features a non-slip base and an inclined format for greater comfort, in addition to the pen having 8,192 levels of sensitivity, ensuring more precision in movements. The device has a suggested price of R$ 299.90 and is on sale at the brand’s online store.


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