Mulled 2 Released For Android and iOS


In this article, we are conveying a game that our readers who are looking for a new game to play on their smartphones may want to browse. The game named Mulled 2, released just this month, is a game that puzzle game lovers can give a chance.

There are really many games in the app stores on our smartphones. However, a considerable number of these games are far from being clones of different games or having a gameplay that is not enjoyable and entertaining. It is very difficult to find a game that enjoys among such games.

The subject of this news, Mulled 2 is a game that manages to get rid of all this. If you like puzzle games, you can give this game a try. Mulled 2 also managed to win the Big Indie Pitch award at Pocket Gamer Connects held in Jordan.

A free to play puzzle game

The game, developed by Hako Games, is a sequel, as the name suggests. Mulled 2 continues on its way, preserving the mechanics of Mulled: A Puzzle Game. The aim of the game, which has a very simple design, is to drag the white pieces to the yellow dots.

There are 100 puzzles in total in the game and the basic solution principle of the puzzles works exactly as we explained above. If you have finished all 100 levels, you can also create your own puzzles with the level creation tool in Mulled 2. However, if you don’t want to deal with this, you can also play puzzles created by other users.

According to the news in Pocket Gamer, the founders of Hako Games, Abdullah Konash and Ahmad Al-Haddad, were able to win the Mobily Developer Award in 2013 with their first Mulled game. In addition, Saudi Arabia-based Hako Games also has a game called Shout of Survival, released on Steam.


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