Mulan’s best memes after its premiere on Disney Plus


After a long wait and in the middle of the pandemic, Mulan arrived at Disney Plus and that is how its premiere was experienced.

In social networks the excitement was unleashed by the arrival of the live action of “Mulan”, a Disney classic that tells the story of a Chinese warrior who saved her country from the attack of the Huns and gave her father the greatest pride, but he had to sacrifice himself and disguise himself as a man in order to be in battle.

The premiere of the new version unleashed endless reactions on the Internet, especially memes about the absence of “Mushu”, the little red dragon that accompanies “Mulan”, users also joked about the paid service that many could not purchase, as Disney Plus is not yet available worldwide.

The fans shared various memes and messages about “Mulan”, the criticisms of the adaptation and the differences between the animated film and the live action, we leave you a list with the best memes after its release.

The fans also regretted the absence of the original soundtrack, many were left with the desire to sing in the scenes, they also joked about the online sites that shared the movie without paying a membership, others missed living the experience in the cinema.

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