Mulan on Disney+: price and how to buy the movie forever


She was the favorite Disney of summer 2020: a version in style – as is happening with all the live-action versions of her animated classics – of one of the most beloved Disney princesses, ahead of her time and of the favorite Disney 90s classics of many people.

Mulan, converted into an epic film with “Wuxia” touches, without songs and without the usual Disney animals, looked like Tenet in her trailers: meat on the big screen. But this 2020 the Coronavirus has not given truce to any sector, and less to the Cinema.

Mulan premiere on Disney +

In the end, Disney made the decision to release Mulan on its VOD Disney + platform -as well as other premieres of his this year such as Artemis Fowl-, a measure that has been divisive by the extra price that you have to pay to see the film if you want see it before it arrives in general.

Subscription + Purchase
To see Disney + you can choose 2 models:

– Monthly subscription for 6.99 euros per month
– Annual subscription for 69.99 euros per month

Those are the prices for subscribing, but Disney has decided to classify Mulan as a premiere of ‘Premium Access’, which means that you can see it before it is released in general. But this implies that a separate price must be paid. A price that has been a source of controversy and division, because it is certainly not low, but seeing Mulan today will cost you 21.99 euros -always apart from what you already pay for Disney.

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A single payment and you have it forever

Starting today, September 4, you will be able to watch Mulan with Premium Access before it’s available to other Disney + subscribers or anywhere else. Disney + offers you Premium Access to Mulan for € 21.99 on and in the Disney + app on select platforms such as Apple, Amazon and Google.

You will be able to purchase Premium Access until November 2, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT. Once you have Premium Access to Mulán, “you can see it as many times as you want on any platform where Disney + is available.” And your access to the film will continue as long as you have an active subscription to the VOD service.


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