Mulan: the “exhausting” casting of Liu Yifei to get the role of live action


In an interview with Empire, Liu Yifei said that the cast had been very “exhausting” to land the role in Mulan! In recent times, Disney has decided to adapt all of its cartoons to live action. And very soon Mulan will be released. Liu Yifei has also made revelations about the casting.

It is no secret to anyone. Mulan is a pure character who embodies strength and bravery. And to adapt the story to live action, the production teams had to find the rare pearl that will perfectly embody this role. And it was Liu Yifei who took it down hands down. However, the casting was not easy. The young woman had to show a lot of mental strength but also physical.

In an interview with Empire, Niki Caro, the director of Mulan, revealed : “I needed a warrior, a partner. So I gave her an exhausting audition and then we sent her directly to a physical trainer in order to carry out tests that were at least as exhausting ” . She also explained that she had to do: “Exercises with weights, pumps, draws , everything! ” .

For her part, Dwayne Johnson also added: “She was brilliant for the dramatic / play parts during the audition, and during the physical part she never stopped , was never taken in check. At the end, I also knew that I had found my warrior . ” And the least we can say is that the one who embodies the role of Mulan has also distinguished herself by her strength.

Niki Caro also explained: “She set the bar very high on the set. She was much stronger than the men around her. They were terrified of her strength . ” We will have to wait a few weeks before we can discover the exploits of the actress. Mulan will also hit theaters on March 25. Patience!

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