Mulan criticized for filming in a region of China


Some scenes of Mulan were filmed in Xinjiang, a region where thousands of Muslims are mistreated and tortured by the Chinese government.

Mulan’s live action hit the Disney Plus screens almost a week ago, but controversies around the filming continue to emerge and a new one has just been unveiled that also has to do with China.

Walt Disney Co. CFO Christina McCarthy said the company’s decision to film some of the “Mulan” scenes in a controversial region of China “has created a lot of problems for us.”

Disney “normalizes a crime against humanity”
The executive spoke Thursday at a Bank of America conference, noting that the movie that cost the company $ 200 million had been filmed in New Zealand, but 20 locations in China were used to show “some of the unique landscapes ”.

However, critics have singled out Disney for filming in Xinjiang, a region where the Chinese government keeps up to one million people the Muslim minority Uighurs in “voluntary re-education centers.”

Although he preferred not to delve into the subject, McCarthy acknowledged this controversy fueled by Disney by including Xinjiang in the credits at the end of the film, which earned the remake of the super classic from the 90s being accused of “normalizing a crime against humanity” , according to the opinion of columnist Isaac Stone Fish of The Washington Post.

The Chinese government assures that these facilities were used to eradicate Islamist terrorism in the region, although multiple testimonies from inmates speak of abuse, torture and indoctrination within its walls, in addition to the close surveillance to which the population is subjected in the streets.

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Two US senators from the Republican Party have criticized Disney’s decision to film the Mulan scenes in Xinjiang. Josh Hawley from the state of Missouri wrote a letter to the company’s CEO, Bob Chapek, asking if he would donate the proceeds from the film to organizations fighting injustice in the region.


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