How Much Will PlayStation 5 Storage Be?


A lot of information about Sony’s next-generation game console, PlayStation 5, remains confidential. One of the topics that players are most curious about is the storage and memory features of the new generation console.

Sony is not willing to explain the console’s technical features in its statements for PlayStation 5. The storage area of ​​PS5 is one of the areas that are not disclosed. We can only guess about the console’s storage features.

Sony will use SSD instead of traditional HDD storage on PlayStation 5. This will help make the system run faster and help clarify our potential storage options.

Storage features of PlayStation 4
When Sony released the PlayStation 4, there were two versions. In one of these versions, while the storage space of the device was 500 GB, those who could give a little more money could take the version with 1 TB of storage to their homes. The PS Slim, released in 2016, had the same versions.

The next PS4 Pro was released with 1TB of storage space. The storage area of ​​this version could rise up to 2TB. Sony also halted the production of normal and slim PS4s with 500 GB variants during the pro models. This brings two possibilities to mind: Sony is either making room for a 500 GB device or now aiming to use only TB-sized storage spaces.

There is no room for games
Looking at the possibilities, the latter seems much more reasonable. The reason for this is the size of the games we define as AAA. Let’s say you have 500 GB of hard disk. You want to download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Destiny 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 games. You almost have no place for anything other than these games because these three games take up 175 GB, 165 GB and 105 GB respectively. It is obvious that it is not very reasonable to try to download these games every time you want to play them. The PS5 will be more advanced, which means even bigger games.

Probably Sony will use at least 1 TB of storage on new consoles. This storage area will be among the features of the most basic versions. Sony is expected to share more details about the new console soon.


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