How Much Does It Cost To Dress Like BTS’s Taehyung?


V is a super fan of GUCCI and always supports new fashion designers, what clothes does the BTS member wear? How expensive are the clothes that BTS’s V uses?

International fame, millions of dollars, and the love of thousands of people around the world are some of the things that the BTS guys have accomplished throughout their idol careers. It has been a very difficult journey, but Jin, Jimin, RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, Taehyung, and Suga have conquered their greatest dream and continue to rise.

One of the things that stand out the most about idols is their sense of fashion, in every place where BTS appears they attract people’s eyes not only for their talent and their dreamy faces, they also have a very peculiar way of dressing that never goes unnoticed.

Without a doubt, one of the members of BTS who has a very striking style is V, who always surprises us with the outfits he uses. But do you know how much the clothes that Taehyung usually wear cost? The actual prices of their outfits may leave you speechless.


V has become a fashion icon and is characterized by using very versatile outfits, from smooth garments and interesting contrasts, loose looks and other more highly sophisticated ones, all depending on the occasion. Taehyung is a big fan of accessories and we can always see her wearing glasses, berets or bracelets, most of them capturing the attention of the public and inspiring her fans to get them.

Throughout her career, Taehyung has experimented with different styles, from pastel outfits to rougher ones to totally stylish ones that go perfectly with her mysterious personality. V also tends to play with the colors of the clothes she wears and the tone of her hair.


One of the brands that Taehyung usually uses frequently is GUCCI, several times ARMY has asked that the idol should become an official model of the company because he looks sensational with his clothes.

During AMA 2017, Taehyung appeared wearing an interesting corduroy jacket with GUCCI button designs, which costs $ 7,580.

During the You Never Walk Alone photo shoot, V wore a $ 175 Marcelo Burlon brand print shirt.

In this same concept, V changed his outfit for the photoshoot and continued to demonstrate his liking for the GUCCI brand as he completed his outfit wearing sneakers for $ 629 and leg warmers for $ 180 and a shirt for approximately $ 640.

The BTS boys’ photo shoot for their comeback with ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’ was also filled with glamorous outfits worn by idols. V posed in a kind of $ 4,200 GUCCI green and white print vest, to match bracelets and lenses from the same brand valued at more than $ 3,000.

During BTS’s 5th Muster Magic Shop, Taehyung dazzled wearing a Kith x VERSACE print shirt at an approximate cost of $ 995. It certainly looked sensational.

But Taehyung is not limited to wearing clothes from these two brands that he always dreamed of wearing. V has appeared on various live broadcasts of VLive using accessories from various designers, always supporting small entrepreneurs and noble causes. The idols constantly wear the bracelet of the Louis Vuitton collaboration with UNICEF, which supports the most vulnerable children with each purchase. V used it in the concept photos for Map of the Soul: 7.

Taehyung’s famous Midas effect is getting stronger as many clothes or accessories that the idol has used have been quickly sold out thanks to the promotion that the idol does when wearing them.

Taehyung has also broken fashion stereotypes thanks to his unique style. On several occasions we have seen the idol wearing clothing and accessories that women are generally supposed to wear (su-po-ne). For ‘Boy With Luv’, V wore a dress in light tones from the Jacquemus brand.

Taehyung not only uses his presence on stage and his music to express what he feels, apparently he also communicates his thoughts and a little more about his way of seeing life with the clothes he wears and that’s incredible. Do you like V’s style?

There is no doubt that the members of BTS have put a lot of effort into getting to where they are today and that everything they have now is the result of their constant discipline and dedication in doing what they love the most. Even though the Bangtan boys are now millionaires and their fame continues to rise, they have always shown that they have a huge heart that not even money can buy. Those are our idols! <3

If you like Taehyung’s style you don’t need to have millions of dollars to imitate his outfits, we leave you some ideas to dress like V with clothes you have in your closet.


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