MTV fans were furious that the VMA censored Maneskin’s performance, but it turned out that the singer’s thongs were not the reason


Måneskin frontman Damiano David bared a lot of male body when his band took the stage on August 28 at the MTV Video Music Awards. The band performed their song “Supermodel” during the award ceremony, and many fans expressed their dissatisfaction after much of the performance was censored. However, it turns out that it was not the singer’s female fans who raised the red flag in front of the show’s censors. It wasn’t even the test-covered nipple of bassist Victoria De Angelis, but a full-scale wardrobe malfunction, due to which she was completely naked to the waist for a while while swinging on VMA.

The MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, as usual, was filled with quite epic moments, including the unexpected “return” of Johnny Depp and Taylor Swift dancing to all the performances. But home viewers missed the chance to see one of the most anticipated performances in full, reportedly due to the fact that the one-shoulder jumpsuit of bassist Victoria De Angelis fell to her waist, accidentally releasing a nipple that was not covered with paste. Page six. The footage from the arena was looped, as De Angelis did not miss a second and continued the performance, damn the clothes.

Apparently, the censors did their job, because the viewers watching on TV did not know that there was a wardrobe malfunction, and assumed that the cameras were deflected due to the fact that Damiano David’s leather thong or other bassist’s breasts were mostly exposed. (Some also just thought it was a general disrespect for the group, which seems much less likely than the reasons for censorship.) This Twitter user did not understand why Maneskin was censored compared to other things shown during the broadcast:

the vmas will censor 90% of maneskin’s performances, but at one of the performances they will have a 50-foot hologram with their whole ass, and they won’t blink an eye. this is some kind of man’s ass and indoor cleaning. overcome it. #VMas29 August 2022

MTV is usually not heavily censored during its awards ceremonies, which often create important pop culture moments (we all remember Miley Cyrus’ foam finger, right?). So it’s not surprising that fans were confused by the fact that the network is supposedly clinging to pearls for someone like assless guys. Some pointed to other musical performances from the same TV show, in particular Nicki Minaj’s medley when she received the Video Vanguard Award. This fan wondered why the covered nipple bothers the network, and not the rapper’s wild 10-minute number:

I mean, Nicky can simulate masturbation on stage, and Victoria de Maneskin can’t show a closed nipple? seriously VMAS????#VMAs #supermodel #maneskin

But even fans who were privy to the information about the actual wardrobe malfunction were still wondering why we are still afraid of nipples. They pointed out on Twitter that the singer was shirtless and in stockings, asking why the breasts caused such a reaction.

justice for #Maneskin !! let’s make the nipples free so they can be seen! a man with a naked torso and buttocks is fine, a woman’s breasts are censored! fucking misogynists!

Despite the fact that part of their performance on stage was not shown to the home audience, the band should still consider this evening a victory. Maneskin left Moonman after receiving the award for best alternative video for “I Wanna Be Your Slave” — although Victoria De Angelis made it clear that she would not be a slave to her clothes or modesty, not art.

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