MTG: There will be 16 Brazilians who object to $ 250,000


The Wizards of The Coast revealed that this weekend the international Kaldheim-themed Magic: The Gathering championship will take place, putting 212 players to compete for a total prize pool of $ 250,000 (approximately R $ 1.43 million).

Between March 26th and 28th, pro-players that stood out in the Magic Pro League and Rivals Pro League qualifiers will be competing in Historic and Standard formats at MTG Arena, a free and digital version of the card game. The tournament, which will take place 100% remotely, will include the participation of 16 Brazilians, including names such as Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa (current MTG world champion), Carlos Romão and Lucas Berthoud.

The first phase of the dispute will be held on Friday (26) and Saturday (27), and will automatically classify the first 12 participants who manage to win 12 out of a total of 15 rounds, 7 of them in the Historic mode and 8 in the Standard mode. On Sunday (28), the finalists will face each other in double eliminations and in the best of three until the final decision, which will end in two best-of-three rounds.

The Championship Kaldheim will be broadcast daily from 1:00 pm (Brasília time) through the Magic: The Gathering channel (in English), and the Magic League (in Portuguese), both on Twitch. To learn more about the event, just access the competition’s official website.

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