MTG Battlegrounds: How to play with bots


Why play against bots? How to recognize bots. Casual mode. Disable cross-play.

PUBG: Battlegrounds has always been proud of its status as a more “hardcore” battle royale — this feeling attracts many players seeking to prove their abilities or just take a break from competitors who are constantly adding new modes. intellectual property and concerts.

The transition of the game to a free game has led to many new players coming and going, but for those who want to stay and become one of the best maniacs on the battlefields, this guide will help them get off to the right start. kick, increasing your chances against bots.

Why play against bots?

It’s no secret that PUBG: Battlegrounds is one of the oldest games of the “battle royale” genre on the market, which primarily contributes to the popularization of this trend. An older game means a more experienced player base, and constantly losing to players with a level of several hundred can be unpleasant.

Bots, although not perfectly programmed, can allow players to have fun in PUBG: Battlegrounds and find out what weapons they prefer in a relatively calm environment — they are also guaranteed not to be cheaters, which certainly helps!

How to recognize bots

Although PUBG: Battlegrounds bots are useful for honing a player’s skills, they still don’t act like any other player, and therefore they can be recognized by the following behavior:

Fatal curiosity: bots always rush to any loud sounds, such as shots without a silencer, glass breaking and car horns. Strange usernames: Players also have strange names, but bots almost always have an underscore somewhere in their names. Lone Wolves: Bots very rarely stay with their teammates — they almost always travel alone. Machine Gunner: Oddly enough, it is extremely rare to see a bot jumping for any reason. Plain Strange: After the shot, the bots freeze for a second before running for cover. Bloodlust: If a player is hiding in a shelter, bots will start pushing him after a few seconds. Without a license: Bots never use vehicles — if players hear or see a moving vehicle, the player controls it.

Daily routine

There is nothing shameful about playing in casual mode — all players have to start somewhere, and with PUBG: Battlegrounds offering three casual games a day, players can use them to easily find a game that is guaranteed to have 12 real players or less, with the remaining slots filled with bots.

However, in casual matches, there are the following caveats that players should be aware of:

There are no level restrictions for joining casual games — enemy players can be very high level. Casual games always take place on the biggest maps. All casual games are in TPP mode (third-person view). Casual matches can be played with friends, as well as enemy players can join the squad mode. Regular matches are best played during off-peak hours to minimize the number of real enemy players.

Disable crossplay

This strategy works best for console players, but it can still help all players get into a match where most of the enemies are bots. Crossplay is enabled by default, and it can be disabled by going to settings and disabling the “crossplay” option on the gameplay tab.

Please note that disabling cross-play significantly increases the time of player selection, but a match with a bot is usually created after five minutes of player selection.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is already available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.


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