MTG Arena Mobile: early access for Android coming


Wizards of the Coast officially announced on Thursday (8) that the mobile version of Magic the Gathering Arena will arrive in early access for Android devices on January 28.

According to the publisher, only selected smartphones and tablets – and with Android operating system updated to 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher – will receive the early access version of MTG Arena, following a series of “recommended specifications”. In addition, the title will have no restrictions in relation to the PC game and will have full multiplatform support and all cards and systems already released so far, including the long-awaited Kaldheim expansion.

“We want fans to have fun and enjoyable experiences with the long-awaited mobile version of Magic, and we want to make sure that our releases are polished and ready to play,” said WotC. “Stay tuned for more information later this month in our January State of the Game.”

It was also reported that devices with an Android operating system that are not listed in the early access list may run the game at a later date in 2021, as well as iOS devices. To find out if your device is compatible with the first version of MTG Arena and if it meets the recommended requirements, just go to the game’s official website.


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