Mt. Deadline for Gox payment plan has been postponed


Bitcoin exchange Mt. The deadline for the delivery of the plan prepared for payments to Gox’s creditors has been postponed to 15 December.

In 2014, Mt. The release date of the repayment plan for the customers of the Gox exchange has once again been delayed.

Nobuaki Kobayashi, the head of the board of trustees of the exchange, who is one of the preparers of the payment plan, also known as the rehabilitation plan, announced that the details will be shared on December 15. The payment schedule detailing day has been postponed several times before.

In the statement made by the delegation, it was stated that “The deadline for the detailed explanations of the payment plan had to be extended because there are detailed issues that need to be examined”. Kobayashi requested the Tokyo District Court to extend the deadline, which the court upheld yesterday.

He went bankrupt after he stole 850 thousand BTC

As will be remembered, Mt. The Gox exchange sought its bankruptcy in 2014 after hackers stole 850,000 Bitcoin. The stolen BTCs, which were worth $ 450 million at that time, are now $ 9.7 billion. The exchange also announced that after the bankruptcy announcement, there were 200,000 ‘forgotten’ Bitcoins in an old format wallet that was thought to contain no Bitcoin.

Mt. Gox “civil rehabilitation” operations later began in 2018, and creditors were decided to get a refund as the original cryptocurrency, instead of the fiat currency value when the exchange collapsed. It is not yet clear how and when the funds will be transferred to them.

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