MSN Messenger: 8 Features We Miss In Current Apps


MSN Messenger was the favorite messenger of Brazilians in the early 2000s. The Microsoft program was part of the lives of many people who spent hours chatting with friends on the internet.

Closed in October 2014, it had several functions that are not present in current messaging apps. Next, learn about the features users would like to have in WhatsApp, Telegram or other software.

Custom fonts

MSN Messenger plugins made it possible to change the size, color and choose any font for conversations. Although it resulted in chats that were almost incomprehensible and full of emoticons, it “reflected the personality” of the users.

Unfortunately, current apps don’t offer that freedom. For the most part, fonts and font size are related to the device’s own settings. In general, they are standardized and “bland”.

Notify me when a contact is online

There was a time when the greatest joy of some users was seeing the MSN notification showing that that dear person just came online. So, without wasting much time, just click on the window and start the chat.

Today, users can only see if a person is online by checking the conversation with the contact in messengers. Remembering that it is possible for her to disable the “last seen” function and become… invisible.


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