MSI Production Facility in China Caught Fire (Video)


According to a video shared on Reddit, MSI’s manufacturing facility in China is in flames. It is currently unknown whether there was loss of life in the terrible incident.

According to a video recently shared on Reddit in the “rumor” category, a fire broke out at one of the world’s largest hardware manufacturers, Micro-Star International, or more commonly known as MSI, in a production facility in China.

The use of the words “MSI headquarters in China is on fire” in the post where the video was shared raised suspicion about the video. Because MSI is a Taiwan-based technology company, its headquarters are also located in Taiwan.

However; MSI indeed has a manufacturing facility in China and this facility, which was opened in 2003, has 2 factories and an R&D center, and the facility is of great importance for MSI. Therefore, the fact that MSI’s facility in China is really caught in flames could pose major problems for the company’s near future.

There is no information yet on whether any person was injured or died in the fire. In addition, it is not known whether the RTX 3080 production, which is already experiencing difficulties in its supply, will be affected by the fire in question.

After the statement that MSI’s production facility in China was still in flames for an unknown reason, some Reddit users reminded that MSI CEO lost his life by falling from the 7th floor in a ‘suspicious way’ last July, and ‘something mysterious’ happened at MSI. they expressed.

Video allegedly from MSI’s manufacturing facility in China

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