MSI announces high speed SSDs! Here are the details

MSI, a Taiwan-based electronics company, announced its high-speed SSDs at CES 2021. The company, which has a production range from PC hardware to gaming laptops, aims to bring the storage units to the age with high speed SSDs.

MSI SSDs will be able to reach 7000MB / s read speed

MSI will start producing SSDs and the SSDs it will produce will reach 7000MB / s read and 6900MB / s write speeds. These SSDs will have a PCI 4.0 connection type and a capacity of up to 4 TB. MSI will use TLC NAND memory in its SSDs and there will be a metal cooler on the SSD.

The announced SSDs do not yet have a model name, they are only known as “MSI SSD”. Although the MSI SSD is thought to appeal to gamers more, it is stated that it will also provide convenience for people working in the field of photography and video. There was no RGB lighting on the SSD in the image.



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