Ms Marvel in Marvel’s Avengers: best skills and tips


Ms Marvel is not the most powerful character on the Marvel’s Avengers starting roster. However, we bring you how to take advantage of its healing abilities.

Marvel’s Avengers is on track to complete its first week on the market. The new work of Crystal Dynamics begins, in this way, a path that will take you through different added content at no additional cost. The next stop is Kate Bishop, the expert archer. As part of our detailed guide, today we put the magnifying glass on Ms Marvel, perhaps one of the least used faces during the Avengers Initiative. And it is that the powers of Kamala Khan feel below the rest. However, it is a good gateway to learn the mechanics.

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Ms Marvel in Marvel’s Avengers: Primary Abilities

You won’t be caught off guard by recommendation # 1 we often say: don’t focus on any specific character during the Gather Up campaign. During the first story arc of Marvel’s Avengers, you will go through the entire roster of heroes. When completed, the usual will be that all six are above character level 10. Little, but enough to start the postgame on the right foot.

Kamala Khan is the character with the greatest survivability within the cast chosen. Something good had to have to handle her. Thanks to Polymorph, an intrinsic ability (the bar that accompanies health), she can dodge and counter with the speed of a gum when stretching. We recommend that the first points are aimed at improving these abilities, especially the skill chain of Morning Star and Clap. Especially the latter, since after rejecting an attack with the right trigger, we can make a heavy attack that breaks the guard of all nearby enemies.


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