Ms. Marvel Image presents Doctor Strange and Wanda on the avengercontroller


A behind-the-scenes photo of Ms. Marvel shows that both Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch have their own stands at AvengerCon. The series, which is the second MCU show with live actors to hit Disney+ this year after Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight car, will take place on June 8. Miss Marvel will present Iman Vellani as the teenage main character, along with an acting ensemble that includes Matt. Linz, Yasmin Fletcher, Zenobia Shroff, Mohan Kapoor, Sahagar Sheikh, Rish Shah, Travina Springer and Aramis Knight. The duties of directing the series were divided between Mira Menon, Sharmeen Obeid-Chinah and the directing duo Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah, who directed the sequel to Will Smith’s “Bad Guys Forever” in 2020.

One of the most interesting aspects of “Miss Marvel” is the fact that it begins as a document about life in the MCU. Kamala Khan is a fan of superheroes, in particular Captain Marvel, so in the end she takes the nickname Carol Danvers when she finds her own powers. Despite the fact that she will soon be involved in her own superhero adventure, Khan’s life will give an idea of how ordinary people relate to the empowered people who are constantly trying to save the Earth, but not without a little collateral damage. At least some in the MCU love heroes, as one of the events highlighted in the upcoming series is AvengerCon, a Comic-Con-like event dedicated to Marvel heroes.

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In an image published by Doctor Strange Updates, which is a behind-the-scenes photo from the filming of “Miss Marvel” that ended in early May, AvengerCon shows exhibits, including a nod to Thor with the Kingdom of Asgard. However, another interesting detail of the image is the cardboard figures of Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch. in the background behind Kamala and her friend. Check out the tweet featuring Miss Marvel below:

The figures of #DoctorStrange and #ScarletWitch can be seen at AvengerCon in a new behind-the-scenes look at #MsMarvel!

— Dr. Strange’s Updates (@DrStrangeUpdate) June 2, 2022

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It is currently not entirely clear in which timeline the show is taking place. The fact that there is still a candidate for the Scarlet Witch seems to indicate that the show takes place during the time before “Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness” and possibly even before “Vandavision”, during which the Avenger fell out of favor. While Vandavision proved that her rule of the city of Westview, New Jersey, was partly due to the manipulation of Agatha Harkness, in Doctor Strange 2, Wanda took a complete villainous turn when she gained access to the power of the Darkhold to try to steal America Chavez’s jumps across the multiverse. strength for yourself.

It seems extremely unlikely that the Scarlet Witch stand will still be proudly on display after this. However, it’s also possible that Ms. Marvel will reveal that superhero fans still disagree about Wanda, especially because her most villainous actions have been confined to isolated places like Kamar Taj in Nepal, as well as other universes. Although these questions still remain and may continue in the first few episodes of the series, the show may answer them sooner rather than later.