MrBeast uploaded a secret video to YouTube after gaining 100 million subscribers


The popular YouTube content creator MrBeast is known to arrange massive competitions for people in which they can participate for lucrative rewards, and this is no different from the secret YouTube video he posted. Celebrating the achievement of 100 million subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast marked its latest download as private for viewing by certain viewers.

Mr Beiste was briefly embroiled in controversy after uploading a YouTube video in which he challenged himself not to eat for an extended period of time, which eventually culminated in defeat over a dish from Gordon Ramsay. This obstacle did not prevent the successful YouTuber from gaining 100 million subscribers, and to commemorate this experience, many of his viewers fought for the chance to win the island in a recent upload to YouTube that was publicly available to his entire audience. Unlike the island’s holiday video with 100 million subscribers, MrBeast’s private clip on YouTube is only available to fans who have bought its 100-millionth item.

In MrBeast’s private YouTube video, uploaded to his channel to reach 100 million subscribers and confirmed on Twitter, MrBeast invites eight friends, believing he needs help, but instead friends participate in a competition. Once all the friends have entered the house, the clock starts ticking for unwitting new residents who have to stay in the house longer than the rest to win the grand prize, as in the classic MrBeast videos on YouTube. When the participants slowly leave the house, friends are informed that they could not win a big house with a big yard as a small injury insult.

MrBeast fans who want to watch a hidden download on YouTube with 100 million subscribers can see it after purchasing one of two T-shirts with 100 million subscribers, which will reward them with a personal link in an email. This link takes MrBeast’s audience to a video, invisible to most of the millions of subscribers, which will show who will win the property simply for staying in it, another endurance test, like his popular Squid Game presentation. Products other than two 100M T-shirts will not offer the same link, which means that most MrBeast products are unrelated to the aforementioned download.

One of the most popular responses to a popular video gave MrBeast recognition for naming his diamond-shaped play button, which some other YouTube creators like PewDiePie also earned, a community button with humility, thanking the audience that helped him reach the milestone. Expressing their enthusiasm for MrBeast’s dedication to YouTube content, many fans publicly celebrated 100 million subscribers to thank him for continuing to give away gifts thanks to his success.


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