MrBeast Makes YouTube Dream Offer After Face Disclosure Broke the Internet


Minecraft superstar and former faceless Dream creator blew up the Internet by revealing his face, and now MrBeast is ready to offer him a place in his videos.

After a week of teasers — after several years of waiting — Dream finally showed his face on the Internet, including his more than 30 million subscribers on YouTube.

Having been a faceless creator for many years, Dream made this decision due to the fact that his best friend GeorgeNotFound moved to the USA to live with him and their friend Sapnap. And during the face show, Dream stated that he wanted to do more content in real life.

His discovery was watched by 1.5 million people, and the Internet collapsed after that, and it was only a matter of time before other creators would benefit from this pandemonium. Log into MrBeast with an offer that Dream couldn’t refuse.

MrBeast Offers Dream Collaboration on YouTube after Face Disclosure

In the past, Dream collaborated with other content creators through Minecraft, but his need to keep his identity a secret prevented him from participating in any joint projects in real life. We often see major Twitch streamers and YouTubers meet in person at events, but Dream couldn’t participate… until now.

On October 2, MrBeast responded to Dream’s tweet, showing his face, with an offer of cooperation. He stated, “Now that you’ve sorted it out, COME TO SOME VIDEOS!!!”

While MrBeast often has casual subscribers competing for money, it sometimes allows larger creators to be a part of its videos. Ludwig, Logan Paul and Bella Poarch are just some of the creators who were invited to take part in the MrBeast trial.

Now it seems that Dream (along with some of his friends from SMP) may be featured in one of the future MrBeast projects. And since Dream, George and Sapnap live in Florida; they don’t have to travel far to get to MrBeast in North Carolina.


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