Mr. Harrigan’s Phone: A Dead Man Rings in the first trailer for the Netflix adaptation of Stephen King


Netflix has released a chilling new trailer for “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” the latest horror film to join Stephen King’s new line of adaptations.

Recently, King has been reborn. With a slew of new novels, remakes of “It,” “Pet Cemetery,” and a fresh look at his new books with popular HBO series like “The Stranger” and an adaptation of “Mr. Mercedes” for Apple TV Plus, he’s had the same torrid decade as last year. The 1980s referred to him when he was still new to the horror world. A new trailer for “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” from Ryan Murphy, Blumhouse Productions and Netflix has been released today, leaving fans with a fit of the King’s kindness, equally nostalgic and terrifying.

The trailer, posted by Netflix on their YouTube channel, features stars Jayden Martell and Donald Sutherland as Craig and the titular Mr. Harrigan, to whom Craig gives the eponymous phone. John Lee Hancock, who wrote the screenplay and directed the film, will see his film become the fourth in a series of Netflix/King adaptations, which includes “1922” starring Thomas Jane, “In the Tall Grass” and “Gerald’s Game”, a car featuring Carla. Gugino, written and directed by Mike Flanagan. The trailer begins with Mr. Harrigan revealing that Craig is a completely different person now than when he and Mr. Harrigan first met behind the scenes, in which Craig transforms into Jayden Martell as he reads to Harrigan.

He asks the boy why he keeps visiting him, and Craig replies: “Because I like spending time together.” In the next frame, Craig gives Mr. Harrigan a brand-new iPhone, tying the film to filming sometime in 2007. Craig is bullied at school, and then asks Mr. Harrigan if anyone has ever tried to take advantage of him, and how he dealt with it. This. “Tough,— Harrigan says.

Harrigan dies and Craig puts the phone in his pocket at the funeral. After that, when he gets beaten up, he calls Harrigan’s voicemail and tells his ex-friend what happened. Talking to Harrigan’s housekeeper, he mentions that Harrigan was a good man, although the housekeeper adds that you didn’t want to be on his side.

When the bully dies, Craig feels guilty. When he starts receiving broken text messages and calls back from a phone whose battery should have been dead a long time ago, he realizes that things are getting serious. As the school psychologist tells him: “A person should not call if he does not want to get an answer.”

“Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” will debut on Netflix on October 5, 2022.


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