Mozilla updates Firefox 80 and you can download files


Version 80.0.1 of Firefox arrives without being programmed, a week after the launch of Mozilla’s 80 browser, to correct some problems. According to user reports, the bugs were causing, among other things, crashes due to GPU resetting (when surface creation fails), rendering problems on some sites using WebGL and one that makes texts unreadable on Linux systems ( with Xorg and NVIDIA graphics) and on devices running Windows 10 (with Direct3D 11).

Among the flaws that most annoyed users is the one that was preventing file downloads. The problem was caused by extensions installed in Firefox itself (third party cookies were missing from requests to download files).

According to Mozilla navigation engineer Rob Wu, the problem was corrected by adding relevant cookies not only to all requests to download files initiated by any browser extension as well as downloads initiated via the “Save as” option (when right-click). “This happens when the tracking protection is configured to be very restricted – for example, blocking all third party cookies”, explained the engineer.

About the problem with WebGL sites, Mozilla senior software engineer Miko Mynttinen explained to the Bleeping Computer website that “the resulting rendering may not be completely correct, since the mask surface, inferred from reports stack traces failure is not available. ”

Download Firefox 80.0.1

The new Firefox 80 was released on August 25th. If you have enabled the browser to automatically receive updates, to receive version 80.0.1 and fix bugs, you only need to restart it, and they will be installed.

You can also download the corrections through the links below:

Firefox 80.0.1 for Windows 64-bit
Firefox 80.0.1 for Windows 32-bit
Firefox 80.0.1 for macOS
Firefox 80.0.1 for Linux 64-bit
Firefox 80.0.1 for Linux 32-bit


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