Mozilla and Twitter unite to protect user privacy


Seven Internet giants have asked the US House of Representatives to ban the collection of navigation data by authorities – including search history on search engines – without a court order if the American Freedom Act is reconsidered.

The letter with the request was sent by Mozilla, Engine, Twitter, Patreon, i2Coalition, Reddit and Reform Government Surveillance, who claimed that this data collection, if done indiscriminately by the government, could impact the economy of the country and companies as well as hampering the continued growth of the free and open Internet.

Mozilla has published that collecting navigation data is common, but that data needs to be preserved under legal protection.

“By clearly reaffirming these protections, Congress can help preserve user confidence and facilitate continued use of the Internet as a powerful force that contributes to our recovery,” wrote the Firefox developer.

The companies consider that confidential data such as medical conditions, religious beliefs and personal relationships must be protected by effective laws.

The American Senate acted
After issuing the letter, the US Senate, considering the concerns raised by the companies, informed that it must propose an amendment to overturn the section that authorizes the government to collect navigation data without the need for a warrant.

The amendment is expected to be widely supported by members of the government, Republicans and Democrats, as well as consumer companies across the country.


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