Mozilla Testing a Plugin That Will Make History of Spam E-Mail Worry-Free


Around 320 billion spam emails are sent around the world every day, and 94 percent of malware spreads this way. Fortunately, the popular internet browser Mozilla Firefox is testing a new plugin where users can end spam spam with a single click.

Spam emails account for more than half of all global email traffic. According to a study by Cisco Talos, which offers various network security solutions against cyber attacks, the daily volume of spam emails reached 320 billion in April 2020.

Spam emails are often annoying, sometimes fun and often dangerous. US internet giant Google says that mail service Gmail blocks more than 100 million phishing emails every day, of which 18 million are related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can tell, the malware infection in spam emails is much more than the coronavirus.

Around 320 billion spam emails are sent around the world every day
Well, wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop these spam emails that threaten our personal data as well as jumping our nerves with a single click? Of course it would be. A new feature currently tested by Mozilla promises to deal with 250 million Firefox users’ spam concerns.

According to Forbes’ information, Mozilla is currently testing a new plugin where Firefox users can end spam spam with a single click. While the idea behind the plugin is not new, it makes it so easy to use that it can revolutionize the way we deal with unwanted, annoying and potentially dangerous emails.

Firefox users will get rid of spam with anonymous emails they can create with one click
The new Mozilla Firefox add-on, called Private Relay, which is currently in beta, allows you to create alias email names when we have to register on a website.

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When registering on the site, when you click the “Relay” button next to the e-mail fields, the plugin optionally creates a nickname. All e-mails sent to this new address are automatically forwarded to your real address. Mozilla describes the Firefox extension called Private Relay as “a unique solution where you can create anonymous email addresses and disable or destroy the email address when you’re done.”

Mozilla says users can disable their email addresses when they are done
Removing the created fake email address means that you will not receive any further emails from the site you registered and all spam emails from this site will be terminated. That’s exactly what makes the Private Relay plugin so simple and powerful.

Everything is on the one hand, if a service you use has a data breach, you will be automatically protected by this method. The Private Relay plugin, which allows to deal with the ever-growing spam problem much more effectively and permanently, is currently in the beta process. It is not clear for now when the testing process will end.


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