Mozilla is shutting down Firefox Send and Notes services


Mozilla is preparing to release the shutters of two services that are not well known apart from its loyal user base. Firefox Send, which the company launched in 2017. With Mozilla Firefox Send, users can share their encrypted files.

It can be said that the company’s decision was a bit of a surprise, as Send Mozilla is a tool loved by the user community. However, it is not difficult to understand that a few bad experiences paved the way for this decision.

Mozilla noticed that some malicious people were using Send for baiting attacks and malware transmission, and it disabled Send in recent months. In the statement made by the company at that time, it was stated that Send will be revived after a while. However, Mozilla’s ideas seem to have changed in the intervening period.

In the statement made by Mozilla, it was stated that the cost and strategic focus of the general portfolio were evaluated during the interim period, and as a result, it was decided not to activate Send again. Since Send is already offline, users do not have the opportunity to prepare for the shutdown.

Another service Mozilla unplugged is Firefox Notes. Just like Send, Notes had exited the company’s Test Pilot program, which was no longer functioning. Notes was one of the methods Mozilla used to synchronize encrypted data. After the test process was completed, Notes continued to live in Firefox’s desktop and Android applications.

Mozilla will end support for the Firefox Notes app and its sync feature in early November. Users who have the add-on installed on their desktop computer will be able to transfer their notes elsewhere until this date. It will not be possible to install the plugin again after November.

It can be said that turning off productivity-oriented applications is not an easy decision. However, Mozilla points out that by giving up Firefox Send and Notes, it will focus better on VPN service. Therefore, the company seems to be making a conscious choice.


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