Mozilla Firefox Will Be Distributed On The Microsoft Store


Mozilla Firefox: This week, the Mozilla group updated Firefox browsers for desktop and mobile devices with new features and improvements. Meanwhile, developers took the opportunity to announce that the software will also arrive in the new Microsoft Store, thanks to the changes implemented by the company with the arrival of Windows 11.

The group commented on the news: “Microsoft loosened restrictions on its store [on Windows 10 and 11] that effectively banned third-party browsers,” he explains, “We’ve been advocating for more choice and user control in the Windows operating system for years. news that its store is now more open to businesses and apps, including standalone browsers like Firefox.”

The developers conclude the statement stressing the importance of an internet that offers users different options to choose from, both for browsers and for their search engines.

Recent updates

As for its major changes, Firefox 93 for desktops features several improvements to RAM memory management, support for the “.AVIF” image format, and “.PDF” document auto-completion. In addition, the browser will also block downloads dependent on unsafe connections.

For mobile devices, Mozilla released two new versions of the browser, the first being Firefox Focus, aimed at greater privacy and with a renewed look. Firefox for Android has been given a new password manager, with an auto-completion feature that works across the entire operating system.


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