Mozilla Firefox Mobile Home Screen Has Been Renewed


Mozilla has updated the mobile app of the Firefox browser. It brought the ability to display the last active tab to the home screen.


Mozilla Firefox has updated its Android and iOS app. Renewing the home screen with sections such as history and favorites in the browser, Mozilla has made it easier to access the page that the user has viewed recently. When you wanted to open the last page you closed, you had to open the previous data and click on the relevant site.

With the Firefox 94 update released today, the ability to view the last open tab was added to the home screen. When you click on the ‘last tab’ placed in the middle of the screen in the form of a thin long card, the browser directs you there. In this way, you can quickly continue where you left off without wasting time by calling from the past.

The new home screen came with Firefox 94

Announcing the update with a blog post, Mozilla said, “We designed the new Firefox homepage based on user feedback. We’ve made adjustments to help you get back to the things you care about more and save time and space.” said.

The last open tab display feature that comes with Firefox 94 version can be accessed from the ‘Jump back in’ section on the main screen. You can quickly return to the page you closed in this area, which Mozilla describes as “the easy way to go back to your last open active tab”. When you click on the ‘Show all’ button, the browser appears with more detailed information.

Mozilla Firefox’s new home screen is available today

The renewed home screen also includes bookmarks. The feature, which was developed to enable you to easily access the bookmarks you viewed recently, offers quick access by moving your pages on desktop computers with the same Firefox account to mobile.

Firefox will automatically group your recent searches

Mozilla Firefox will group mobile users’ recent searches in the browser by type and place them on the home screen. For example, bus/air tickets, accommodation centers etc. related to your holiday plan. When you search for topics, Firefox will collect them under a heading such as ‘holiday list’. You can easily access it on the main screen of the application at any time.

Mozilla has also made an innovation to help users organize tabs. Now a tab in Firefox that you haven’t visited for 14 days will become “inactive”. You’ll be able to open the page whenever you want, but Firefox won’t bring it up much because it thinks you don’t need it. In this way, you will not experience tab clutter.