Mozilla Firefox 95.0 Is Released On Microsoft Store


Mozilla Firefox: One of the most traditional browsers in the world, Mozilla Firefox released on Tuesday (7) its 95.0 version, the latest this year. The update brings new features and improvements to security and privacy, as well as fixing bugs and introducing some protective patches. The program also sought to increase its compatibility with the new Windows 11.

Within the new Microsoft Store policy, the Redmond company now allows competing companies to place their applications directly on the platform, to expand the range of options for users. Thus, Firefox 95.0 version can be downloaded for native download directly from the Windows 10 and 11 store.

Firefox 95.0 installation is done automatically on most devices that run the browser. For those who have not yet received the desktop update, you can check the Firefox Menu under Help > About Firefox to view the browser version that is currently installed. If not 95.0, you can run a manual update check.

What’s New in Mozilla Firefox 95.0?

According to the changelog released by Mozilla, the big news in version 95 of Firefox is a sandbox called RLBox, a security mechanism designed to “isolate subcomponents to make the browser more secure”. As with much of the browser, this technology was developed through a partnership with researchers at the University of California and the University of Texas, USA.

Based on a new security architecture, RLBox isolates visited websites, separating the content (web) from the original codes of the various websites. By loading each website into its own operating system process, the browser makes users able to defend themselves from malicious websites, which try to access sensitive data through other websites visited.

The version also features the option to change the Picture-in-Picture button to the opposite side of the video and a power reduction on Mac OS X when the browser is used in full screen.