Movie and TV search engine offering personalized content: JustWatch


Launched in Berlin by David Croyé in 2014, JustWatch operates in many countries.

With the Corona virus epidemic, we all started to spend more time in our homes than ever before. This process, which was not very tiring at first, started to become annoying in time and even what we listened, read, watched started to be insufficient. Though there are thousands of “movies and movies” for you to watch on quarantine days, people prefer to see more personalized content.

Although digital streaming platforms that serve in our country such as Netflix and BluTV try to keep personal content in the foreground, seeing all the platforms together provides a serious convenience in finding what they want. The series and movie search engine JustWatch, which offers personalized content, performs this job very successfully.

Personalized content list
Launched in Berlin by David Croyé in 2014, JustWatch operates in many countries. Looking at the Platform Turkey, we see that one of these countries. Because it is possible to see the contents of many digital platforms such as Netflix, BluTV, puhuTV on JustWatch. You can use the platform without being a member, but when you create a membership, personalized lists start to form. You can subscribe to JustWatch using your e-mail address, as well as create a membership with your Facebook or Google accounts.

Using the platform is really simple. You will already see a lot of content on the homepage. For those of you who are interested in these contents, when you hover over the content and click on the “I want to see more like this” section, you will find content similar to that content from a sub-tab. You can add the ones you like to your list, if you have watched the contents before, you can indicate that you watched. As a result, a homepage with exclusive content begins to form.

Link forwarding for purchase and rental
You can see where you can watch what content on the platform, and if you are going to rent or buy the movie or TV show from the App Store or Google Play Store, you can also see the fees for those content. There is also a shortcut for other platforms that takes you to the content. You can change your location and the platforms you use at any time from your settings page.


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