Movie Listings: All The Premiere Films This Week (March 11-13)


Movie: These are the movie premieres that arrive this weekend in January at cinemas in Spain. Cyrano, Malnazidos, Jackass Forever and more. We come to the weekend. As we always do at FreeGameTips, the time has come to take a look at what the world of cinema has to tell us this Friday, what premieres will make us visit our trusted theaters; either alone or accompanied. The box office is tight with releases like Cyrano, Malnazidos, Jackass Forever and The Worst Person in the World, among others. In addition, the proximity to the Oscar Awards invites us with special enthusiasm to go to the theaters. These are the premiere films this weekend (from March 11 to 13) in cinemas throughout Spain.

List of premieres:

Jackass Forever
the worst person in the world
Jane for Charlotte
9 Leaks