Movie Listings: All The Premiere Films This Week (February 4-6)


Movie: These are the movie premieres that arrive this weekend in February at movie theaters. Moonfall, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Drive My Car and more. We arrived at the first weekend of February. As it could not be otherwise, the world of cinema sees the premiere of new films, both Spanish and international, with the aim that fans of the seventh art return to the habit of going to their trusted movie theaters and enjoying a of the cultural media most rooted in contemporary customs. The pandemic has greatly affected the calendars and the box office, but little by little the situation is improving. These are the premiere films this weekend (from February 4 to 6) in cinemas throughout Spain.

List of premieres:

moon fall
Tammy Faye’s eyes
Drive My Car
The toast
Tundama and the temple of the sun
Destination to Brighton
cosmic song. child of elche
Petra of Saint Joseph