Movi Electric starts producing electric cars in Paraná


The Brazilian automaker, Movi Eletric, starts this Friday (26), the production of electric cars in the country. The manufacture of mini urban vehicles will take place in the Biopark industrial park, in Toledo, Paraná.

Originally made in Argentina by Sero Eletric, the cars fall into the category of micro electric cars, category L6e. With a range of 150 km, without the need to recharge, vehicles can reach up to 50 km / h.

“With the production at Biopark we can gradually include equipment produced in Brazil, as well as develop our own technologies. Thus, we will be able to optimize the price of vehicles and ensure their continuous evolution”, informed the executive director of Movi Electric, Paulo Lopes.

The company plans to produce 100 vehicles in the factory’s first year of operation. Initially, three models will be on the assembly line. The first is a two-passenger car. The second will have a bucket and the third, a chest to accommodate utensils.

Heavy duty vehicles

The models have ABS brakes and UV protective film against sunlight, in addition to holding up to 270 kg. The structure is built with aluminum alloys and the rear and front use tubular steel. Vehicles can be recharged using conventional 110V and 220V outlets.

Movi Electric and Sero Eletric already have a plan to present a new line of automobiles, adding motorcycles, trucks and electric buses. The car fleet is directed to leasing companies and public agencies. There is still a sales modality for individuals, but the amount has not yet been informed.


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