Moves from Apple for Covid-19 vaccination applications


Apple has announced that it will only approve Covid-19 vaccination practices that have been verified by health officials. The technology giant from Cupertino wants to make sure that apps only show verified vaccine records.

It is thought that you may need proof that you have completed the vaccination in order to travel, attend school or enter workplaces. Therefore, apps that provide evidence of vaccination that you can easily take with you are emerging, and Apple has created a new rule to make sure that these apps only provide legitimate information.

Apple wants to make sure apps only show verified vaccine records.

As part of the announcement published on the developer’s page, the technology giant stated that applications that create health transitions based on vaccine records should be sent through developers working with companies and organizations recognized by public health officials.

Under the newly announced rule, Apple will only approve relevant applications if they are put on the market by test kit manufacturers, laboratories, healthcare providers or other similar organizations and companies approved by healthcare institutions.

It is also stated that the company will approve applications coming directly from the government, medical and other authorized institutions.

Apple states that in addition to making sure that apps available for download on iOS only offer verified vaccine records, this move is to enable it to approve apps that can handle sensitive data responsibly.


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